IDL INTERIORS is an Interior Design atelier founded by Allison Fetzer.

A modern vision to island design with an appreciation for its past; Allison brings a knowledge of Hawaii function and form that only a child of the islands can see. Raised on Oahu’s North Shore, she naturally spent much of her time at the water’s edge, loving the effortless lifestyle that came with it. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Design Institute of San Diego, in California, she returned home to Hawaii to launch her career. She is currently working on projects on Oahu and the California coast. Those care free childhood days of the North Shore are reflected in her ideology: “Inspire, Design, Live”

“Inspire, design, live.” There must be something inspirational: a spark, a feeling, or an element of curiosity to begin with. Then, designing and planning should ensure that not only will the design be aesthetically pleasing, but that it will function as the homeowners need it to and stand the test of time. And “live”—this is so important, that the quality of life is enhanced by the previous two elements. It should evoke the feelings and energy that it was intended to and create a comfortable and exciting environment to be in.